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On your side…we promise.

Homible was founded by normal folk. People with homes, families, friends, jobs and all the modern day trimmings. We couldn’t believe that in a digital age, a time when our pets have social network profiles, our homes were left disconnected in the real world.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love an ironic dog on facebook, but in a world with almost endless admin relating to our homes – this just didn’t seem right. When every aspect of property ownership is now managed online, it seemed crazy that our homes themselves weren’t represented on the web.

We took a step back and thought, “if we could re-imagine the property industry, how would we do it?” Our homes are now much more than our castles, they are our administrative hubs. We wanted to replicate this online and Homible was born.

This property network will upset the apple cart, ruffle some feathers and do many other cool metaphorical things. It is a potential reset button for the industry and we couldn’t be more excited.

We hope that you will join us in changing the world of property for the better.

The founding team

Our founding team got together due to a common enemy. The property industry. Stephen lives in sunny Dorset in the UK and the two Josips live in the even sunnier Split in Croatia (you should go…..it’s amazing!). Across the developed world, people are united in their frustration with the real estate and property industries. Yet when you consider the commonality of these property woes, it’s amazing that there isn’t a global market leader bringing property innovation to the masses. Frustration with the property industry is a common language, so the founding team got together to do something about it. However, it’s the UK that benefits from the platform as Stephen is a master at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Tech companies such as ours cannot go it alone. Therefore we have attracted the attention of some fantastic investors. We have investment from UK Angel investors who have also invested in hugely successful companies such as Zendesk. A large Venture Capital firm also likes what we’re doing and will be supporting us. 

Why talk about investors?

We don’t do it to say ‘hey check us out’. We do it to show that we have the backing and the funds to create a stable, secure and innovative platform that you can trust. Receiving investment, especially from large VC funds, is not easy. No stone is left unturned when investors carry out Due Diligence on the company. So you can be confident that you are signing up to a service that has the talent, the morales and the funding to build a company that will reimagine the world of property – entirely for the better.

Stephen Geran

Stephen Geran

Founder & CEO

After serving as an Engineer in the Royal Navy Stephen went on to build a successful E-commerce business. During this time Stephen got married, had two children, moved home and accumulated pets. Throughout this period, Stephen confesses to feeling overwhelmed by the countless tasks associated with the home, he found himself constantly having to triage tasks, rather than ever feeling on top of them. So Stephen went into his office, came out a week later with a beard, and the concept behind Homible was laid out.

Josip Medic

Josip Medic

Co-Founder & CTO

Josip is a tech guy through and through. He first got involved in ‘startup land’ 10 years ago whilst working for successful Boston startup ‘Where’. Paypal started taking note of ‘Wheres’ success and agreed to acquire the company. Josip then held positions at Paypal and therefore knows a thing or two about Security. After further projects at eBay, Josip went on to freelance for some amazing global companies before building Homible. Josip is also Married and a father of two.

Josip Bojcic

Josip Bojcic

Co-Founder & Senior Engineer

Josip lives and breathes tech. He has a Masters degree in computer science and has held positions at Extension Engine and HR Cloud before successfully freelancing through Toptal for companies all over the world. Josip is a big technology enthusiast with a passion for innovative technologies. Josip manages the front end development team and ensures the user experience is top notch.