Managing your home online was supposed to be easy, you could just log on to whatever account you needed, gas, electricity, mobile, TV, broadband, phone…. Wait, hold on a minute, how many accounts is that? Sure, it’s better than fighting your way through a mountain of paperwork, but think of the children, won’t someone think of the children. Actually, when you’re trying to remember the password for one of your many household-related accounts, you tend to find yourself thinking of your children – their names, their ages, their birthdays. It’s a lot of information to juggle around in your head, along with all the other millions of things you seem to have to remember on a daily basis.

So let us take that stress out of your hands. When you log on to one of those dozen or so accounts through Homible, it will be synced to your household profile. That way, all your accounts will be neatly stored away and you’ll just need one password to access them all (you’ll still have to remember the kids’ birthdays though). Consolidating all your online provider accounts has many advantages. You’ll be able to view all your utility bills in pdf format in the one profile. This will give you an excellent overview of what’s going out over the months and years, allowing you to get a clearer idea of how much each tariff or package is costing your family. When you sync your accounts, the end dates for contracts and tariffs will automatically be stored so you can see when you’re coming to the end of a particular deal. These will be presented in a central reminder calendar and as those dates approach you will receive email reminders.

Too often, utility companies rely on you being too lazy to spot when your tariff is coming to an end and before you know it you forking out way more than you need to on your gas and electricity. Your homes online profile will put you one step ahead. No need to cart yourself off to a high street phone store to have someone in an ill-fitting tie bore you with all the latest features of the newest super slim smartphone. With your mobile account on synced to Homible, we’ll let you know when your contract is up and you can then check the latest deals from the comfort of your sofa. So syncing your accounts to your Homible profile can save you money, time an oodles of stress. Each bill amount will be fed into a central budget tool so you can keep track of how much you’re spending, your pdf bills will all be in one place, and renewal dates automatically added to your calendar. Beats jumping between all your online accounts and apps and jotting down your bill amounts on a scrap of paper or the back of an envelope and then wonder where you put it two days later.

Viewing this article from your homes online profile? Stellar work!

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