LET’s face it, many of us have bought things we never use. Yes, our intentions were well-placed at the time but now that bread maker is gathering dust in the back of the cupboard and the cross trainer in the spare room has been turned into a glorified clothes hanger.  

Insurance can feel a bit like that too. We part with a few hundred quid every year and then forget all about it. However, deep down we know it’s a necessity and buying it gives us peace of mind, unlike that bread maker which we’ve now accepted isn’t going to turn us into the next Paul Hollywood.  

With so much going in our lives, is natural to take out an insurance policy, stuff the documents away somewhere and forget about it until we need to renew or make a claim. There’s cover for almost every aspect of our household – home, contents, car, travel, pet, breakdown cover and other business-related insurance products that is almost impossible to keep up with them all, let alone be on the ball when it comes time to renew. 

With a property profile on Homible, however, you’ll be able to upload your insurance documents and set reminders for renewal dates. Meanwhile, we can beaver away to find you the best quotes and help you switch.  

Consumers are chucking away hundreds of pounds a year by failing to renew on time or switch to a better deal. According to industry research, some motorists are paying around £260 more than they need to for their car insurance and when you consider that just less than 40 per cent of drivers bother to switch providers when their policy is up, that all adds up to juicy £800 million boost for the insurance companies. With all your insurance documents neatly tucked away in your Homible profile, you can start clawing some of that cash back by snapping up one of the great deals as your renewal day approaches. 

It’s certainly a far cray from the day the ‘insurance man’ used to call to your door every few weeks (ask your parents) to collect the premium and it sure beats hauling yourself down to some broker’s office where they’ll feed you some gobbledegook and you’ll gleefully hand over your cash. 

Nowadays, people buy insurance like they buy their groceries and other household items, so when one shop puts their prices up, you take your custom elsewhere. Insurance is no different. The cover on offer isn’t much different from each provider so why should you settle for a high price? 

All you need to do is load up all your insurance details to your Homible profile and we help you keep on top of it all. It’s also useful to have your documents easily to hand in case you need to make a claim or check what you’re covered for. 

So while you’re busy sticking that cross trainer on Gumtree, we’ll be saving you a few more quid by constantly keeping an eye on the best insurance products and reminding you when it’s time to switch.

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