Let’s meditate……

Close your eyes. Now think of your home. It’s warm, it’s full of memories, it’s a place to spend time with family and friends.


think about the bills, the online accounts, the documents, the tariffs, the council tax, the paperwork, the cost, the money being wasted, the worry about renewal dates, the maintenance, the things you forgot but just remembered.

aaand, you’re back in the room.

Sorry, not that relaxing, but neither is property. There has been something inexplicable going on in the property industry for the last decade. An unseen truth that has become more and more of a problem.

In ‘ye olde’ days, everything to do with your home was managed in the real world. Insurance? A broker may have visited. Letters? Through the door. Documents? Stored in a cabinet. You get the point. Whilst the way we used to manage our homes wasn’t the quickest, nor the most cost-efficient, it was at least easy to understand.

Then along came the web and these processes started their migration to the internet. Initially, it seemed awesome – saving time and money, being able to easily switch providers, emails, online accounts; all innovations that made things quicker and more transparent. However, once these processes became successful, they spread like wildfire. Countless different companies offering the same products and/or services, all of whom claimed to be ‘different’ or ‘on your side’. What started as innovation, has become imitation. The property industry has stopped solving problems and has instead focussed on clawing at ever smaller slices of the pie; meaning the ‘digital property market’ has become fragmented, complicated and too difficult for us normal folk to efficiently manage or perhaps, more importantly, take full advantage of.

We stepped back and tried to solve this problem. Once we saw a solution, we couldn’t un-see it. Why aren’t our homes represented on the web we asked ourselves? That’s where everything related to it is taken care of after all. It didn’t make sense, so we decided to do something about it and Homible was born.

Homible replicates one simple aspect of ‘ye olde’ property management. We have represented your home in the very place it is managed. We used to manage our homes in the real world. Our homes are in the real world. Now our homes are managed online. So, your home now has an online profile.

With a holistic approach to property, managing your home has never been so simple. Need to securely store an insurance document? No problem. Want to get reminders for car tax and MOT dates? Just enter your vehicle registration into your online garage. Want to find out if you’re paying too much for energy? Just sync your energy provider account with your property profile and we check the energy market for you.

Your property profile covers everything from pets to car insurance, broadband deals to property values. Energy savings to document storage. Everything you need to efficiently manage your home.

So, join us, create your property profile and make the most of your home, online